Fatima Group takes employee care to the NEXT level with CloudClinik Employee Medical Records


CloudClinik, in its campaign to become the most reliable healthcare IT vendor in the country has added yet another feather to its cap by offering a full fledge Employee Medical Records Software. The software is an extension of its existing Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management cloud based product customized to cater to the requirements of corporate entities which hold the health of their employees in high esteem.   Fatima Group of companies, one of the largest conglomerates in Pakistan, well known for high employee satisfaction levels, is the first company in Pakistan to switch to comprehensive software focused on remotely accessible medical records and ease of use for medical practitioners.

The scope of the project included 3 healthcare centers including a psychiatry hospital (for general public) catering to a grand total of over 5,000 employees to which state of the art healthcare services will be provided. The system will enable patients to access their medical records anywhere anytime through the use of ICT eliminating the risk of their files being misplaced or tampered. It took around 3 months or complete deployment and enablement of the users at the centers in Multan and Sadiqabad.

Dr. Fuad Imran, the Chief Information Officer of Fatima Group of Companies at the event beamed “Fatima Group is an entity that believes in innovation and perfection and that is why we have chosen CloudClinik. It is something that would take the wellbeing of our employees to the next level through standardized medical records. The use of ICD-10 disease codes and prescriptions as per WHO standards is just a start to our initiatives for optimal employee satisfaction. The successful implementation of CloudClinik is testimony to the hard work and commitment of all stakeholders, the CloudClinik team, Fatima Group’s IT team and last but not least Fatima Group’s medical professionals involved in the project.”

Sajjad Hussain Kirmani, C.E.O. Infogistic Private Ltd (parent company of CloudClinik) said “Working with Fatima Group has been an absolute pleasure and the professionalism of their doctors and IT professionals has been a cornerstone in the successful deployment of CloudClinik. We look forward to further building this relationship that we’ve established with Fatima Group over years.”

On the importance of Electronic Medical Records, he also stressed “EMR is the future! The use of cloud based technology to manage medical records and gauging administrative KPIs is the only way healthcare management can reach its desired heights in Pakistan.”

The software deployed will provide automated healthcare to more than 5,000 Fatima Group employees and their families and the psychiatry group will be open for general public owing to the growing psychological problems in the region due to stress and domestic problems.

The need of the hour is for all corporate entities to take responsibility of the well being of their employees the way FG has.

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