5 Benefits of CloudClinik EMR that accelerates your practice

  1. Quality of patient care is improved: With a digital repository of patient’s information found in one place unlike paper records that tend to go missing, care providers benefit from ready access anywhere and anytime. Not only that, Electronic referrals make immediate follow-up care possible and the doctor to whom the patient has been referred has ready access to the patient’s data. Medical errors are reduced and prescriptions are more reliable/authentic through CloudClinik.

  1. Patients have more participation in their own care: Patients are able to view their own medical records and get test results as soon as the results are completed and published into the system. For example in CloudClinik’s Patient portal, patients are allowed to interact online with their health care provider. This may result in timely diagnosis and treatment.
  1. Provides for more precise diagnoses and treatment: When a care provider has access to the most comprehensive and updated health care information which includes alerts to a patient’s allergies, vitals and any adverse interactions with prescription medications, it will result in a more accurate diagnosis by the doctor.
  1. Improves the coordination of patient care among providers: Just like any other industry, a successful healthcare practice requires team work with seamless collaboration among doctors, specialists, nurses, pathologists, radiologists, pharmacists & any other relevant auxiliary role. The EMR system allows each provider to be able to view information provided by other practitioners and thus improve communication flows and task alignment. It also reduces clinical/administrative errors at all stages of patient care.
  1. Increases the efficiency of the medical practice and cuts costs: Major cost cuts result from decreasing the amount of paperwork and file management. There is also a marked reduction n in data duplication. Using EMRs to send prescriptions saves time. Money is saved by not needing medical transcription services. Paper files to do not have to be managed by retrieving them and re-filing them. EMRs provide for more accurate billing and coding to reduce problems with reimbursement claims.

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