3 Key Features of an Efficient EMR Software

With the plethora of EMR (Electronic Medical Records)  Software out in the market, the best one is the one that really solves your management problem and has the following 3 key features that streamlines your workflow.

1. Electronic Scheduling

Electronic Scheduling doesn’t have to be fancy and difficult; it should be one easy feature that brings discipline to your daily practice. For example CloudClinik allows scheduling that doesn’t only locks up a date on the calendar but actually improves efficiency of the clinic management through its appointment reminder system. Reminders are sent via SMS/ Email & helps reduce no shows and prevents the hassle of rescheduling. Reminders are also a non-obtrusive way to engage and communicate with the clinic’s patients.

2. Patient Medical History

No EMR software should be considered complete without a comprehensive patient medical history profile. Every diagnosis by the doctor is based on patient’s medical history and his/her general  information. Based on patient’s demographics, vitals, allergy history, in tolerances, age, height etc doctor is able to make an informed diagnosis. CloudClinik makes it possible for the doctor to record this information under patient name so the next time you visit your doctor, he doesn’t have to inquire you again. The information stays stored and updated  in the software with time.  This also allows the facility to retain patients because of the better care coordination with their health care provider.

3. E-Prescription

E-Prescription is writing and processing prescription but only electronically. E-Prescription should be an important deciding feature of an EMR before you make your final choice. It allows the user to process an error free, accurate and understandable prescription. CloudClinik has made sure that prescription processing process is as smooth and quick as possible. It is designed according to the doctor’s specialty with customizable order sets and templates. With 70, 000 internationally recognizable disease codes and options to maintain frequent lists of tests, medicine & diseases CloudClinik generates e-prescription in a single click saving both doctor’s and patient’s time. E-Prescribing also reduces the number of prescription errors attributed to bad handwriting or illegible prescriptions.

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