3 Ways Telemedicine can Transform Primary Care

This decade is driven by laser fast progress in technology, smart devices and solution that has made human life easier.  The health care industry is no different. The latest progress in the health care business is the use of telecommunication technology to deliver care.  With faster internet connection and omnipresent smartphones more health care providers are turning towards electronic communication to perform their job.

Telemedicine is a next generation digital healthcare platform that connects doctors with patients and enables patient care via video consultation. CloudClinik telemedicine platform enables doctors to consult the patients remotely through secure, high quality video connection

Telemedicine is an innovation in health care where care givers and receivers don’t have to leave their communities to get the benefits. Telemedicine is deemed by many as the next big thing. In the US alone telemedicine’s market is expected to expand from $240 million to $1.9 billion in 2018.

Following are the benefits why telemedicine is the future of the health care.

Access to Care

As the telemedicine advances, it offers incredible opportunities to the health care profession, particularly in its ability to reach, engage, and improve the health of patients who might otherwise not have access to care. Rural patients or those with limited mobility are good examples of such individuals. The best way to cultivate this emerging technologies and its potential to alter healthcare distribution is through full incorporation and adoption of a good Telemedicine service so it is not a separate specialty or any one profession’s exclusive practice.

Convenience of care

It is well known that primary care practices spend a lot amount of time doing the administration and following up with patients. Asking patients to come into the office for follow-ups is inconvenient, and most of the time calls to patients aren’t reimbursable. For appointments that don’t require a physical examination, offering telemedicine solves this dilemma!

 Cost & Clinic management

Telemedicine is gradually attaining critical mass adoption and is revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered. One of the key benefits that CloudClinik Telemedicine promises is the cost containment. With CloudClinik telemedicine facilities save on patient readmission costs and provide the convenient, access to care that patients have long-desired with the potential to even improve the quality of care.

Patients and doctors both can manage consultation online. Telemedicine helps facilities save on unnecessary clinic costs from patient readmission. Moreover it also helps clinic see more patients who need physical examination then patients whose needs could be met with an online chat session with the doctor.

Any rural patient can tell you the traveling costs add up, just for a couple of visits to the healthcare facility. With the telemedicine facility rural patients benefit from convenience but also save a lot on traveling costs.

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