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Dental care awareness promotes the benefits of a healthy mouth and raises awareness around the importance of oral hygiene. The purpose of writing about oral health is to ignite awareness and take stock of our oral health. General well being of human body has a lot to do with your oral hygiene, after all it is the gateway.

Maintaining good oral health helps you avoid not only embarrassing situations caused by bad breath and yellow teeth but also prevents acute oral conditions like tooth decay and gum diseases.

Here are four, easy to follow oral care tips recommended by Dr. Shahzad Mirza of Dental Aesthetics

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day – As clichéd as it sounds this is crucial for healthy gums and teeth. Teeth can decay overnight, while you are asleep, so it is best to brush them before going to bed as well as in the morning.
  2. Regular Flossing – Yes Brushing is important but so is flossing. Flossing ensures removal of hard to reach cavity causing bacteria that get stuck between teeth.
  3. Visit your dentist regularly – Most of us dread visiting a dentist and don’t even consider making it regular. But healthy people should visit a dentist every six months this ensures early diagnosis of problem areas instantly before they became a total difficulty to deal with. If you are not orally healthy, visiting your doctor as per his recommendation is appropriate.
  4. Eating less sugar especially sucrose and limiting it only to mealtimes – Constant consumption of sugary and starchy food can cause decay as acidic foods & drinks can react with enamel and wear off the tooth causing decay and sensitivity. This can start within 20 minutes of eating or drinking. That is why it is important to reduce high sugar diet consumption.

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and Oral health

General health care professionals’ ability to provide more effective diagnosis, quality treatment and efficient care management has been enhanced by an EMR with features like access to patient’s complete medical history/vitals, reports, scheduling/ tracking appointments, e-referrals etc.

With time and advancement in process EMRs like CloudClinik has been able to extend this facility to dentists who can now meet heightened patient care expectation with the use of the system. CloudClinik has also been facilitating Dr. Shahzad at Dental Aesthetics to deliver quality treatments with

  • Quick access to patient dental records anywhere anytime.
  • Track of each tooth on a single click.
  • The ability to devise reliable and accurate treatment plans.

Dentists are also ensured secure repository of patient data, digital exchange of communication and continued development of features and tools in the future.

For information on CloudClink’s features visit www.cloudclinik.com.

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